Massage Services

Massage Studio Open by Appointment Only

Please call (360) 327-3824. We offer Swedish, deep tissue, and therapeutic massage sessions. Your massage will be tailored to meet your specific needs. Gift Certificates available upon request.


1 Hour Massage $60

Sixty minutes of massage. Julie offers Swedish, deep tissue and therapeutic massage sessions with light to deep pressure (depending on your preference) to help relieve stress, reduce pain, improve mood and promote relaxation.


90 Minute Massage $90

The most popular massage scheduled. Ninety minutes of Swedish, deep or therapeutic massage, personalized for your body type and preferences. This much time allows time to focus on problem spots and release chronic muscle tension.


Intra-oral Massage

An effective treatment for clients suffering from TMJ dysfunction, headaches or excess jaw tension. Gloves are worn while working inside the mouth to release the muscles and fascia involved with chewing and jaw clenching. This technique is used in conjunction with massage of the face, scalp and neck muscles that affect jaw alignment and tension.

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